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I want to taste the world.

I just passed the 40-year mark, and I am still struggling to grow into my own skin. I love travel and I have indulged it as far as my responsibilities and my limited budget will let me, but I anticipate that I will go further and more often as I release my kids into adult life and pay off my debts.

I am poly - I have been married for almost 20 years to Robin Goodfellow; we have been poly for less than 5 years. It was a rocky change in our relationship at first, but we have settled into a situation that works for us. RG and I have raised 5 kids together - three boys from his first marriage and a daughter and son from our marriage. The younger 2 live at home. They know we are kinky and poly and they think we are weird.

I see my boyfriend Andy about 2 times a week and always want more.

Sometimes I get to play with others when time and mutual interest allows.

As a kinky person, I identify as a switch. I have experience being a bottom, but not so much as a top. I am looking forward to exploring both sides of my kinky self and seeing where things go.

I love martial arts and I have trained in karate in the past; the only thing between me and a black belt was a $500 testing fee and a blowjob (I declined, and remained a 1st degree brown belt.) I tried kungfu and the instructor really alienated me and made me feel like crap. i have started back trainig with a mixed martial arts class.

I went back to college when my youngest was in kindergarten and graduated from law school at age 36. I broke my arm a week before the 3 day written bar exam - yes, it was my right arm, the one I write with. I passed and now I am an attorney working in state government. I really want to eventually use my legal skills to advance legal equality for women and people with "alternative lifestyles." I am not sure whether that will come in the form of a career change or a new avocation.

In the past several years I have discovered my passion for feminism and social and economic freedoms. I have lived a traditional and conservative life for a long time(I was a stay-at-home mom for several years and even taught bible study in the southern baptist church), now I a trying to let my voice be heard, even if it sounds shaky or thin and uncertain.

And for all the mountains I have climbed, I still succumb at times to possession by my alter-ego "troll-girl," who is convinced that she is unloveable and unlikeable, hiding from the world and throwing rocks at those who approach. I suffer from depression and from serious emotional PMS. I take medication, but I am in the process of changing the type and dose.

I blog my life: my thoughts, feelings adventures, disasters, hopes dreams and nightmares. I love reading others' blogs and joining them in this cyber-community. I will friend not only those I know in real life, but also anyone who has something interesting to say about their own experience.

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